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Cavity Fixings, Plasterboard Fixings, Spring Toggles, Rosett Cavity Fixings  - Nottingham
Cavity Fixings, Plasterboard Fixings, Spring Toggles, Rosett Cavity Fixings - Nottingham

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Cavity Fixings

Butler Fasteners in Nottingham stock a full range of Cavity Fixings as shown below.

Plasterboard Fixing ScrewsPlasterboard Fixings

Plasterboard fixings are designed for use in plasterboard and hollow wall applications. They have a specially designed cutting tip to pierce the plasterboard skin and a course thread which screws into the plasterboard for a firm fixing anchor. Countersunk fixings allow for flush fitting.



The Ankernut is a synthetic rubber sleeve with a flange head and a brass threaded insert at the opposite end. They are mainly used in hollow base materials where the anchor can expand in the cavity. Ankernuts can be used in solid material but a minimum embedment of 40mm is required.


Rosett Cacity FixingsRosett Cavity Fixings

Rosett Cavity Fixings are designed specifically for heavy duty fastening in plasterboard and hollow wall partitions. When tightened a rosette-like knob of great strength at the back of the board without damaging it. Rosett Fixings provide unsurpassed holding power in gypsum boards.


Hollow Wall AnchorsHollow Wall Anchors

Hollow Wall Anchors are very versatile and strong cavity fastener designed for use in sheeting materials where the reverse side of the material is inaccessible. Once the anchor has been set, the screw may be removed frequently without affecting the anchor. .


Spring Toggles and Plastic TogglesSpring and Plastic Toggles

The spring-loaded toggle is a spring wing type hollow wall anchor designed for use in block, wallboard and other hollow base materials. The Spring-Toggle is a two-part assembly consisting of a machine screw and a spring wing toggle.


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