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Automotive Tools


Butler Fasteners in Nottingham stock a wide variety of automotive tools, some of which are listed below:

Battery & Electric
Battery Chargers, Jump Leads, Circuit Testers.

Garage Tools
Axle Stands, Trolley Jacks, Bottle Jacks, Work Lights, Magnetic Part Trays, Tow Ropes, Tow Poles, Warning Triangles.

Tyres, Wheels & Breaks
Foot Pumps, Mini Air Compressors, Pressure Guages, Tyre Tread Guages, Digital Depth Guage, Wheel Brace, Brake Pipe Flaring Tool, Tyre Valve Pullers.

Mechanics Tools
Impact Drivers, Gear Pullers, Bearing Seperators, Ball Joint Seperator, Engine Compression Testing Kits, Digital Tachometers, Spark Plug Wrenches, Oil Filter Wrenches, Anti-freeze Testers, Oil Cans, Grease Guns, Funnels, Vices.

Seal Pullers, Windscreen Remover, Upholstery Remover, Body Trim Remover, Slide Hammers, Suction Cups, Dent Pullers, Fender Kits.

For more detailed information on Automotive Tools please contact us.


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