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Castle Nuts


A Castle Nut (Slotted Nut) has a rounded extension that projects past the nut’s opening. A cotter pin is inserted through a hole in the bolt and bent around the castle nut’s projections to lock the nut in place.

Butler Fasteners Limited in Nottingham supply Castle nuts in self colour and BZP in the following thread forms below:

Steel Castle Nuts – Self Colour & BZP

1/4 BSW1/4 BSF3/8 UNC1/4 UNFM6
3/8 BSW5/16 BSF5/8 UNC5/16 UNFM8
1/2 BSW3/8 BSF3/4 UNC3/8 UNFM10
5/8 BSW7/16 BSF7/16 UNFM12
3/4 BSW1/2 BSF1/2 UNFM16
7/8 BSW5/8 BSF9/16 UNFM16 X 1.5 P
1 BSW7/8 BSF5/8 UNFM20
1.1/4 BSW1 BSF3/4 UNFM20 X 1.5 P
1.1/2 BSW1.1/8 BSF7/8 UNFM24
1 UNFM30


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