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Full Nuts & Lock Nuts


Butler Fasteners Limited in Nottingham supply a range of Full Nuts and Lock Nuts (half Nuts) in the following sizes and thread forms. Brass Full Nuts, Stainless Steel Full Nuts and Nylon Full Nuts are available, as are Brass, Stainless Steel and Nylon Half Nuts. Some Aluminium Full Nuts are also available. Nuts are supplied in Self Colour, BZP, Zinc & Yellow passivated, Nickel Plated and Galvanized finishes.

Metric Full Nuts & Lock Nuts

M2.5M8M16 x 1.5 PM30M48
M3M8 x 1.0 PM18M30 x 2.0 PM52
M4M10 x 1.25 PM22M36
M6M14M24 x 1.5 PM42

Imperial Full Nuts & Lock Nuts

0 BA3/16 BSF3/32 BSWNo.4 UNCNo.4 UNF
1 BA1/4 BSF1/8 BSWNo.5 UNCNo.6 UNF
2 BA5/16 BSF5/32 BSWNo.6 UNCNo.8 UNF
3 BA3/8 BSF3/16 BSWNo.8 UNC3/16 UNF
4 BA7/16 BSF7/32 BSW3/16 UNC1/4 UNF
5 BA1/2 BSF1/4 BSW1/4 UNC5/16 UNF
6 BA9/16 BSF5/16 BSW5/16 UNC3/8 UNF
8 BA5/8 BSF3/8 BSW3/8 UNC7/16 UNF
3/4 BSF7/16 BSW7/16 UNC1/2 UNF
7/8 BSF1/2 BSW1/2 UNC9/16 UNF
1 BSF9/16 BSW9/16 UNC5/8 UNF
1.1/8 BSF5/8 BSW5/8 UNC3/4 UNF
1.1/4 BSF3/4 BSW3/4 UNC7/8 UNF
1.3/8 BSF7/8 BSW7/8 UNC1 UNF
1.1/2 BSF1 BSW1 UNC1.1/8 UNF
1.3/4 BSF1.1/8 BSW1.1/8 UNC1.1/4 UNF
2 BSF1.1/4 BSW1.1/4 UNC1.3/8 UNF
2.1/4 BSF1.3/8 BSW1.3/8 UNC1.1/2 UNF
2.1/2 BSF1.1/2 BSW1.1/2 UNC1.3/4 UNF
2 BSW1.3/4 UNC2 UNF
2.1/2 BSW2.1/2 UNC2.1/4 UNF
2.1/2 UNF

There are many sizes of nuts and lock nuts in various materials and finishes. If you can’t see the item you require please contact us.


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