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Nyloc Nuts


Nyloc Nuts are a torque prevailing nut that uses a nylon patented insert to provide a locking feature. The nylon insert also helps to seal the bolt thread against seepage of oil, water, petrol, paraffin and other liquids.

The special moulded Nylon Insert has a smaller diameter than the bolt thread. The tightening of the bolt forces the leading threads of the bolt into the Nylon insert which yields under this pressure to form a thread. The highly compressed nylon insert exerts a force on the entire length of the sides of the nut and bolt threads creating friction to lock the nut in place.

Nyloc Nuts are available in the following thread forms and materials:

  • Metric
  • BA / BSW / BSF
  • UNC / UNF
  • Materials – Mild Steel Nyloc Nuts / Stainless Steel Nyloc Nuts / Brass Nyloc Nuts
  • Finish – Self Colour / BZP

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