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Plumbing Tools


Butler Fasteners in Nottingham supply a wide range of tools for the plumbing industry as listed below:

Cutting & Bending
Copper Pipe / Tube Cutters, Plastic Pipe / Tube Cutters, Ratchet Pipe Cutters, Hack Saw, Wire Hand Saw, Pipe Deburring Brushes, Pipe Reamers, Deburring Tools, Pipe Benders.

PTFE Tape, Tap Re-seating Tools, Olive Pullers, Pipe Threading Kits, Propane Torches, Stillson Pipe Wrench, Basin Wrench, Chain Wrench, Tap Back Nut Spanners, Immersion Heater Spanners, Stop Cock Keys, Manhole Keys, Radiator Keys, Drain Rods, Plungers.

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