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Resin Anchors


Butler Fasteners Limited in Nottingham stock a full range of Resin Anchors as shown below. Click on the links to view product details.

Spin In Resin Capsules

The Epoxy Acrylate Spin in Capsule is suitable for use in solid concrete, some brickwork and natural stone where an expansion free high strength fixing is required. They can be used in wet and corrosive environments with a suitable grade stud and give good resistance to vibrating loads.

Hammer In Resin Capsules

The Epoxy Acrylate Hammer In Capsule is suitable for use in solid concrete and some natural stone. They can be used with reinforcing bar or threaded rods and can achieve high loadings by using 2 capsules at double embedment depth.

Injection Resin

Butler Fasteners supply several types of Injection Resins suitable for a variety of base materials including solid concrete, brickwork and natural stone. We also stock threaded studs and internally threaded sockets in BZP and Stainless Steel in grades A2-304 and A4-316.


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