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Rivet Bushes

Rivet Bushes provide strong reusable threads in panels too thin to be conventionally tapped. Rivet Bushes offer excellent resistance to torque.

Rivet Bushes can be installed into panels as thin as 0.5mm and do not suffer from the maximum hardness limitations of Self Clinching Nuts and Standoffs so are suitable for installation into Stainless Steel panels. Ideally Rivet Bushes should be installed using a press with a suitability profiled punch however they can be installed using a hammer and ball bearing.

Butler Fasteners in Nottingham supply Rivet Bushes to suit a range of panel thicknesses and can supply parts to non-standard dimensions and hole sizes to suit your specific application.

Rivet Bushes are available in Metric, UNC, UNF, BA and BSW thread forms. Metreel supply Mild Steel Rivet Bushes, Stainless Steel Rivet Bushes (grades 304 & 316), Aluminium Rivet Bushes and Brass Rivet Bushes.

For more information on Hexagon and Round Rivet Bushes please contact us.


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