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Roofing Bolts

Roofing bolts are fully threaded faster with a large domed or mushroom head which is cross-slotted. Roofing bolts are usually supplied in a BZP finish and are available boxed with or without nuts.

Roofing Bolts – BZP

M5 x 8M6 x 8M8 x 12M10 x 20
M5 x 10M6 x 10M8 x 16M10 x 25
M5 x 12M6 x 12M8 x 20M10 x 30
M5 x 16M6 x 16M8 x 25M10 x 40
M5 x 20M6 x 20M8 x 30M10 x 50
M5 x 25M6 x 25M8 x 35M10 x 60
M5 x 30M6 x 30M8 x 40M10 x 70
M5 x 35M6 x 35M8 x 50M10 x 80
M5 x 40M6 x 40M8 x 60M10 x 100
M5 x 50M6 x 50M8 x 70M10 x 120
M5 x 60M6 x 60M8 x 80M10 x 140
M5 x 70M6 x 70M8 x 100M10 x 160
M6 x 80M8 x 120M10 x 180
M6 x 90M8 x 140M10 x 200
M6 x 100M8 x 160
M6 x 120M8 x 180
M6 x 140M8 x 200
M6 x 160M8 x 220
M6 x 180
M6 x 200

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