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Self Clinching Fasteners

Self clinching fasteners offer a cost effective method of installing metric and imperial threads into all types of sheet and cast metal.

Self Clinching Fasteners work by utilizing a clinch ring which, when embedded into the panel is filled with metal by a cold flow process, thus effectively locking the fastener into the panel. The very nature of the clinch process gives high torque out and push out performance.

Installation is neat and easy, simply locate the fastener into a punched or drilled hole and apply a parallel squeezing force to embed the fastener into the panel.

Butler Fasteners in Nottingham offer a range of Self Clinching fasteners in Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel including Clinch Nuts, Flush Nuts, Flush Head Studs, Floating Clinch Nuts, Unthreaded Pins and Self Clinching Standoffs.

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