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Spring Tension / Selloc Pins


Spring Tension Pins or Selloc Pins consist of a single coil of spring steel or stainless steel with chamfered ends and an open slot wide enough to enable the pin to reduce in diameter as it is driven into a hole. They are designed for plain drilled holes but a countersink makes assembly easier.

It is possible to increase the shear strength of slotted pins by inserting a smaller diameter tension pin into a larger one. The larger pin must be inserted first, then the smaller pin taking care that the slot is between 90° and 180° away from the slot in the larger pin.

Butler Fasteners in Nottingham supply Spring Tension / Selloc Pins in the following materials and finishes:


  • Spring Steel – CS70 / AISI 1070 / C67
  • Stainless Steel A2 – AISI 304


  • Self Colour
  • Zinc Plated

Please Note

Where electrolytically applied finishes are used it is essential to de-embrittle the pins immediately after plating. For safety-critical applications non-electrolytic finishes should be used as the de-embrittlement process is not 100% reliable.

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