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Thread Repair Tooling


Butler Fasteners Limited in Nottingham stock and distribute wire thread insert tooling for Helicoil, Recoil and V-Coil inserts.

Insert Tools

The plain mandrel prewind tool is the most commonly used wire thread insert tool and is suitable for both free running inserts and screwlock inserts.

Threaded mandrel prewind tools are also suitable for both free running wire thread inserts and screwlock wire thread inserts. The threaded mandrel ensures that cross-threading is virtually impossible.

Insert Extractor Tools

Extraction tools offer the most effective method of insert removal. The tool is inserted into the insert and a downward pressure is exerted as the tool is turned anti-clockwise. The insert can, more often than not, be simply unwound from the tapped hole.

Tang Removal Tools

Manual and automatic tang break-off tools are available. Manual tang break punches are the most commonly used type, a sharp blow with a small hammer is normally sufficient to remove the tang. The automatic tang break-off tool is spring loaded to give a sharp, controlled blow which removes the tang. The automatic tool can be operated with one hand.


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