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Tygris Aerosols

Butler Fasteners limited in Nottingham supply the Tygris range of aerosols, developed to effectively meet the demands of everyday industry – accurate, dependable, with long-lasting effectiveness.

Automotive Aerosols
Automotive Aerosols include Brake Cleaner, Carb Cleaner, Engine Degreaser, Battery Terminal Protector, Tyre Dressing, Non Sil Dash Cleaner, Alloy Wheel Cleaner and Dasboard Renovators.

Maintenance Aerosols
Maintenance Aerosols include Silicone Spray, Graphite Penetrating Oil, Open Gear Lubricant, Super Lube, Chain & Wire Rope Lubricant, PTFE Dry Film Lubricant, Aluminium Anti-Seize and Zinc Galve Spray.

Janitorial Aerosols
Janitorial Aerosols include Hard Surface Foam Cleaner, Glass & Mirror Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Polish, High Wax Polish, Anti-Static Cleaner, Graffiti Remover, Upholstery Foam Cleaner, Hand Cleaner and Barrier Cream.

Food Environment Aerosols
Food Environment Aerosols include Dissolv-it Fast Drying Solvent Cleaner, White Spray Grease, Multi-Lube Foodgrade Lubricant, Chain Spray, Foodgrade Water Displacement Spray and PTFE Dry Film Lube.

Application-Specific Aerosols
Application-Specific Aerosols include Penetrating Oil, Chain Lube, Anti-Rust Agent, Ejector Pin Lubricant, Electro-Clean, Mould & Tool Cleaner, Silicone Release Agent, and Metal Protection Agent.

Acrylic Paints & Line Marking
Acrylic Paints & Line Marking include Acrylic Paints, Stripeline Marking Paint, Grassline Grass Marker, Line Marking Tape, Hand Held & Four-Wheeled Marking Paint Applicators.

The above is just a small sample of Tygris Products that Butler Fasteners in Nottingham supply, please download the Tygris brochure below or contact us for more information.


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