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Wing Nuts


When particular types of fasteners need to be tightened or loosened frequently without the use of tools, wing nuts are the perfect solutions. Characterized by their “wing” shaped protrusions, wing nuts allow someone to turn and tighten these fasteners by hand.

Butler Fasteners Limited in Nottingham supply Wing nuts in Steel, Stainless Steel Wing Nuts, Brass Wing Nuts and Nylon Wing Nuts. Wing Nuts are also available in Metric, BSW, BSF, BA, UNF and UNC thread forms as shown below:
Steel Wing Nuts – Self Colour & BZP

2 BA1/8 BSW1/4 BSF3/16 UNC3/16 UNFM3
4 BA3/16 BSW5/16 BSF1/4 UNC1/4 UNFM4
1/4 BSW3/8 BSF5/16 UNC5/16 UNFM5
5/16 BSW3/8 UNC3/8 UNFM6
3/8 BSW1/2 UNC1/2 UNFM8
7/16 BSWM10
1/2 BSWM12
5/8 BSWM16
3/4 BSWM20

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