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Thread Repair Kits


Butler Fasteners Limited in Nottingham supply a range of thread repair kitsincluding single size thread repair kits and workshop range kits.

Thread repair kits containing everything you need to complete thread repair projects. There are various types of kits available from standard single size kits to Range Kits which comprise of the most popular sizes of standard thread repair kits.

Butler Fasteners supply Helicoil Kits, Recoil Kits and V-Coil thread repair kits in order to provide our customers with the best price and availability possible.

Helicoil®, Recoil® and V-Coil Free Running Wire Thread Inserts are available in the following thread forms:

  • Metric (Coarse & Fine)
  • Whitworth (BSW, BSF, BSPF, BA)
  • Unified Thread (UNC & UNF)
  • Spark Plug
  • Pipe Thread


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